Custom Sliding Wardrobes

Custom sliding wardrobes are a great option when it comes to your bedroom clothing storage. They far exceed what a standard freestanding wardrobe due to maximising floor to ceiling space and clear internal organisation.

Custom sliding wardrobes will assist you in creating an efficient system to store your clothes. Whether you choose to upgrade your current property from = to a standard wardrobe or decide it is the best option when you have moved to a new house.

Upgrade Your Bedroom with Custom Sliding Wardrobes

Buying a freestanding wardrobe usually means you have to compromise your ideal setup. This varies from often not enough space for clothes, internal organisation, taking up too much floor space and not fitting properly in your bedroom.

A custom bedroom wardrobe means you can come up with your perfect wardrobe design, involved in the process from start to finish. From getting the initial measurements right to the end result, your wardrobe designer will guide you through the process with handy tips and advice on how to make the best investment.

By having a made-to-measure design, you immediately maximise the room without taking up any more floor space. You have full control and are able to bring your vision to life, making it a feature piece in the room or have it effortlessly blended in.

There are so many different styles and colours of custom sliding wardrobes to choose from. From traditional wood designs to mirrored, glass or high gloss. Fitted wardrobes mean you don’t have to worry about running out of storage, and every detail is designed exactly how you envision.

custom sliding wardrobes