6 Tips for choosing the best quilting fabrics

Quilting Fabrics VThe beauty of a quilt depends on the fabric used to make it. The design and integrity of the quilt grows based on the fabrics used to compose it. If you are thinking of making a quilt, but just don’t know which fabrics to choose, here are some worthy tips for choosing quilting fabrics.

1. The chosen fabrics should complement and not clash with each other. So if you have a large-scale floral as the quilt’s focal point, complement it with two or three smaller print fabrics which do not compete with the large print for visual attention. Moreover, the colour of the smaller flowers must be similar to the one used in the large flower.

2. Trying something unique once in a way really helps. Try experimenting with woven plaids or fuzzy quilter’s flannels or mix flannels with regular cotton fabrics.

3. If in doubt, choose fabrics from the same collection. Most fabric manufacturers crate collections of fabrics using different colours and print scales which are used together so that everything works and blends well together. Sometimes store personnel even help by assembling collections that go well together, so that you get extra ideas to ponder on.

4. Always buy and use 100% cotton quilting fabrics and avoid anything polyester. This is because cotton handles beautifully, holds creases well and is not so slippery between fingers. Moreover, it is the traditional quilting choice.

5. Make sure you wash your quilting fabrics as soon as you get home and then dry and press them before storing. With this preparation work taken care of, you are guaranteed that the fabrics used in your stash are always ready for use when inspiration strikes.

6. Last, but not least, be adventurous with your quilt. If you stick to all small-scale prints, when viewed from afar, it makes your quilt look like it’s made using solid fabrics. By varying the scale of the fabric designs, you will be able to add interest to the quilt both near and far.

With the help of these 6 tips, you will be able to choose the right quilting fabrics to make the best quilt for yourself.