Why hire a photo booth?

We believe that taking a picture and capturing the moment is one of the best things to treasure. Regardless of the occasion, people love to take pictures to remember a fun-filled day/ moment, especially if there is a photo booth at the event they have attended. A photo booth provides your event with an experience that’s different and unlike taking phones on a mobile device or photographer.

Photo Booth Photo

Provides entertainment for guests of all ages

Photo booths provide entertainment for your guests as there is a variety of fun backdrops to use which will enable your pictures to be personalised. Many companies also provide you with a range of props that can be used for your photos and believe it or not, will keep your guests entertained for hours!

Capturing every moment

A photo booth allows your guests to take photos with each other and capture the fun of the event. The high-quality copies of photos that you will receive are unlike anything that could be captured by a smartphone and the photos that you receive make it more memorable for your guests. It will allow them to keep reliving the event over and over again.

Free party favour

Guests can take as many pictures as they desire within the photo booth. This means that you do not need to worry about party favour bags! Also, unlike party favours, a photo is not as likely to be forgotten or thrown away.

Enquire for photo booth hire

If you are looking for a photo booth to hire, we will be able to help you. We know a wide variety of photo booth hire companies throughout the UK, which we are happy to recommend to you depending upon your requirements.